Levitt AMP Music Series Tonight: Henhouse Prowlers and DUSK

The Levitt AMP Music Series continues downtown tonight, with another Thursday night free concert! Tonight it’s country and bluegrass night out on the y-block, and it is the fourth concert lined up in the ten part series that goes on throughout the summer until August 5th. The headlining act tonight is Henhouse Prowlers which can be described as a Chicago bluegrass “powerhouse.” Opening up is Appleton, Wisconson’s DUSK bringing the country. Dusk features members of the band Tenement, who have performed two of our Dumb Fests in the past (2013 and 2015). Stream some of their music on the player below.

All of this kicks off tonight right at 6:00 pm on the Y-block downtown right in-between the governorn’s mansion and our alleyway and is scheduled to go until 8:30pm. We’ll even be closing our store a tad bit early at 5:55pm for this event. If it is raining too hard then this event will be canceled, but lordy heavens lets hope that doesn’t happen. You can find a facebook event for this one right here. Also check out a full schedule of other upcoming Levitt concerts, which were made possible by our city receiving a grant through the Levitt foundation plus other local sponsors, right here on levittampspringfield.org.

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