Best of Springfield Music 2020: Hip Hop Releases #1-10

Surprise! Welcome back to another portion of our Best of Springfield Music 2020 series. This year we are throwing in a completely new category which is something we have never done before, and that is a category just for local hip hop releases that came out this past year. (We have included hip hop in our polls before of course, we just decided to run it as a separate poll this year). (This way we make sure different genres are highlighted in our best-of’s, and it give more releases the chance to be highlighted) (It also maybe kinda makes up for us not having a “shows” section this year)? (Not quite, we know). We don’t have any write-ups for this category, but we do link to the music or embed music for you to listen to below. And of course you can pick up a copy of January’s Activator Magazine for the full Best of Springfield Music 2020 series.

1. Zippir Collective: “Zippir Vol. 1

2. Papa Luke: “Drinking By Myself

3. Cornbread: “Negros & Jazz 36 N BRIMSTONE · ANAXPHOBIA CHAPTER 1: ROADSHOW

4. 36 N Brimstone: “Chapter 1 & 2

5. Spiff: “Fall For You

6. Spiff: “Fire CornBread217 · Quarantine E.P.

7. Cornbread: “Quarantine EP

8. Satisfy: “Anomaly

9. JunioR Pasare & Meezy Killafield: “Byrds In The Killafield

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