We Need Your Help Listing Local Releases of 2020!

It’s December! We’ve been fairly quiet on our site here because we have been so slammed getting out so many orders from a successful Black Friday / Record Store Day weekend here at Dumb Records. As soon as we’re done being busy with one thing, it’s on to the next! And now is time of the year to once again team up with Activator Magazine to present our annual Best of Springfield Music 2020 polls. Even though the show and live music aspect has been missing from much of this year, we are moving forward still highlighting the songs and local releases that came from local groups this year (which there were still a lot of, maybe even more-so than ever!).

The local hip hop scene continued to explode this year, so we are including the poll for best hip hop release as it’s own separate category. We will likely be featuring a top 10 list for local hip hop releases, and then a top 10 or 20 for everything else.

Before we dive into the polls, we need your help in making sure we have kept track of all local releases that came out this year! Currently we have a list of 69 releases – split into two categories (hip hop and everything else). If you know of anything we are missing, please let us know in the comments, or send us an email to dumbrecs@gmail.com! If you include links to the music as well, that would be super helpful! We are keeping this to Springfield releases only. Mayyybe some of Decatur, Taylorville, or Jacksonville as well.

We are planning on launching our poll to go from December 5th through the 15th. The results will be posted right at the start of January, as well as with the January issue of Activator Magazine along with write-ups of each release.

Attic Salt – Get Wise
Baby Ocho – Demo EP 
Blushe – MAD
Bonards – Mask To Protect
Bottom Bracket – I Don’t Care Enough To Stay
Demons on Wheels – Souvenirs
Demons on Wheels – Still Left Standing
Forest Saints – Backyard Twilight Symphony
Forest Saints – The Pensive Innocents 
Gargantuan – Upon The Golgothan Plains
Headbug – Pain Pill
Hospital Job – Covers
Imaginary Colours – HEAD_SPACE
Jeff Cowhick – Tempered
Kenyon DeShasier – My Dream Girl
Mark Schwartz – The Way It Falls Apart In Numbers
Mark Schwartz – Suite Adian
Mark Schwartz – The Atomic Trilogy
Mark Schwartz – Landscape Elements
Mark Schartz – Le Nuit Noire
Mark Schwartz – Mark Schwartz On Guitar
Mark Schwartz – The Boy/Girl/Woman Who
Mark Schwartz – Vesak EP
Marble Teeth – Park
Musical Realists – Go Bananas!!
Ricki Marvel – The Prisoner
Solar Chariot – II
Starter Jackets / Raging Nathans – Split 7″
Stick People – Mondoduke 
The Telephone Junkies – Dress It Up & Call It Living
Thabo – Places Are People Too
Tilt Shift – Game Over EP
Timothy Donavan Russell – Got 2 Rock
Timothy Donavan Russell – Rest
Timothy Donavan Russell – Steps
Timothy Donavan Russell – Storment Drome
Tin Ghost – Galleons of Time
Vector Noise – Spilling A White Claw…
Vector Noise – Vec Vec Vec

Chase Baby & Haze Carbajal – Call It A Day
Church The Voice – Social Distancing EP
Church The Voice – Cloud Mine EP
Cornbread – Negro’s & Jazz
Cornbread – Quarantine EP
Danny J – Young Dumb Idiot
Dirty Da Don – Project Legendary 5 Built 4 This
DreTheGuy – The “Fall”ow Up
JunioR Pasáre & Papa Luke – Birdie
JunioR Pasare / Meezy Killafield – Byrds In The Killafield
Kdoe2x – 2x
Meezy Killafield – Killafield Kronicles 2
Nykeyla Henderson / Keyng – Keyng The Tape
Offwhyte “Propel Exact”
Prince Cash – Heart 2 Froze
Satisfy – Anomaly EP
SaveYourSelf – Silent Suicide Chapter 1
Sensai Doog “Sincerely Yourz”
Spiff – Fall For You EP
Spiff – Fire 
Ty Witty – Embers
Vinal Luciano – Growing Pains 2
WeirdMarc 300 – Liz 2.0 500
Xtortion Da Don – The Eargasm
Zach Moad & Young Frost – High Definition
Zach Moad – High Definition 2
Zippir Collective – Zippir Vol. 1
36 N Brimstone – Anaxphobia Chapter 1: Roadshow
36 N Brimstone – Anaxphobia Chapter 2: War Zone

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