Dumb Records / Brian Galecki Awarded Springfield ICON’s “Good Neighbor Business Award” 2020

This past week we are honored to accept the Springfield ICON’s annual “good neighbor” award for 2020 in the business category. “The ICON Good Neighbor awards recognize individuals, organizations and businesses who make an objective, measurable positive impact on the quality of life for Springfield residents in inner city older neighborhoods.”

Lisa Stott, executive director of Downtown Springfield, Inc. nominated us / owner Brian Galecki for this award, and gave a nice speech in this acceptance video. Also from the Springfield ICON website:

“Dumb Records, led by owners Brian Galecki and Jeff Black, has been an amazing community force and partner during COVID. They are part of a young generation of business owners in the music and arts space who are leading by example to help us all embrace the societal changes taking place. Their all-ages music venue and record shop was an early, welcoming, safe space for the teenage organizers of one of the first and largest Black Lives Matter protests in downtown Springfield.

Dumb Records organized a later-summer, downtown-wide pinball tournament between business owners to help alleviate some of the stress of trying to operate small businesses during COVID and build up the sense of community. The tournament gave fellow business owners a different, fun way to express themselves, and it was a great way to show the benefits of locating a business in a neighborhood like ours.

Brian and Jeff’s willingness to create shenanigans, spread positive vibes, bring all ages together, and good-naturedly lift up everyone who needs lifting makes them a very Good Neighbor.”

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