Jessica Knight, Brandon Carnes Introduce “First Try Sessions”

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 11.32.34 PM

Looks like amidst this global pandemic and stay at home order, some amazingly positive things are coming into fruition in our local music community. Earlier this week Jessica Knight and Brandon Carnes of the band Looming launched a new project called “First Try Sessions” with the goal of acquiring guitars for children ages 7-17 “and curate music lessons for them in hopes of encouraging a future full of knowledge and creativity.” Amazing! There isn’t a whole lot to the newly created but you can find their mission statement and a link to donate to the project there.

Along with announcing the project, the duo also released a 16-track album of covers up on bandcamp set to a name-your-own-cost download with the proceeds going towards First Try Sessions. You can also find that streaming below.

We are excited to report back with more news on this project later on and the positive things it may bring!

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