Dumb Records Game Show: Cancelled


Unfortunately the big Dumb Records Game Show Night being put together by Country Bingo Jack has been cancelled for tonight. There was a technical malfunction with our trivia-bot resulting in a major clean-up needing to take place in our venue space. Country Bingo Jack had this to say:

“The trivia-bot became way too powerful. His vacuum cleaner arms combined with his ever-expanding knowledge of music trivia and all types of different trivia became uncontrollable. While my mother and myself were focusing on making sure the cake-walk portion of tonight’s event was going to be top-notch, we should have been focusing on containing the trivia-bot. We had him stored in the basement of Dumb Records, but as we were unloading a round of cakes to be set up last night stumbled across a horrific discovery. The trivia bot had torn through the main level floor up through the basement with his knowledge alone. It looks as if he has eaten the first round of cakes we had brought over for the cake walk as well, presumably with his vacuum cleaner arms. Now the trivia-bot has absorbed more knowledge about cakes and all of the different ingredients that made up each cake. He busted through the side wall out into the alley and looked as if he was heading straight for the Illinois governor’s mansion (presumably to their grand ballroom’s kitchen where there are more cakes).”

That’s all the info we have on that matter for now. The Dumb Records Game Show Night may or may not be re-scheduled for a later date. We do have a show still happening tomorrow night featuring Sorry Charlie, Nic Gundy, Jessica Cloyd, and Nathan Dickerson.

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