2019 Best Of Springfield Music Results Are In, We Need Writers!!


This is definitely a time of the year where there is a LOT going on that we can hardly keep up with. Our Best Of Springfield Music 2019 annual poll has wrapped up on voting, and we are to the point now where we are scrambling searching for people to assist with short write-ups for each of the finalists for the categories of best albums/releases, songs, and shows that came out of Springfield during this past year. This year we are once again teaming up with Activator Magazine to have this as their January issue. We are aiming for write-ups for the top ten songs, top ten shows, and top twenty releases.

If you are interested in doing a write-up, we can have you chose from a list of finalists to take on, and we are only looking for a short paragraph!! We do need these quick though, like within the next two days!! If you are interested in doing a write-up, which will be featured on our site and also in Activator Magazine, reach out to us at dumbrecs@gmail.com and we will send you a list of finalists we need write-ups for!

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