The State Journal-Register: “Good Heart Tattoos Opens In Downtown Springfield”


Our new next door neighbor, Good Heart Tattoos, was featured in an article in the local paper, The State Journal-Register yesterday. This was a part of Sunday’s local business notes, and the paper talked with owner Benny DeWitt about the new downtown tattoo shop having a grand opening on Saturday, November 9th. Believe it or not Benny has already opened his doors and started tattooing in a soft-open, Tuesdays through Saturdays from noon until close. Here’s a snippet from the article:

This tradition even extends to the downtown location DeWitt selected, which he hopes conveys a certain image about his business.

“Through the early part of the last century, tattooers that were good wanted to be on Main Street USA,” DeWitt said. “So I feel that Monroe is kind of like Main Street USA and I think that’s a really cool thing to bring downtown.”

DeWitt added that “there’s a lot of creative businesses and a lot of blue collar-style stuff happening” downtown between the mix of breweries, record stores, coffee shops and a hip barbershop, making it an attractive spot for him.

You can find the full article in yesterday’s paper (Sunday), or online right here. In the business notes there is also mention of continuing development on a long-stalled apartment project also down the road from us on Sixth and Monroe Streets. There was also an article yesterday on a “Healthy prep meal service” also heading downtown to Monroe street, out of Custom Cup just down the road from us. Check that article out online right here.

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