News Channel 20: “WQNA DJs Raising Money To Keep Station Alive”

Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 1.50.24 PM.png

This was definitely last week’s news, but did you know that our store was briefly on the news last week or so in a piece about WQNA and the newly formed Springfield Community Broadcasters? That’s right, and you can check out the clip online right here. Reporters talked with Ken Pacha at our space, Ken is host of Hiphophumpday airing Wednesday afternoons on WQNA 88.3 fm. From the piece:

Ken Pacha, a DJ at WQNA, said he feels the station is a big part of the community.

“It creates that connection not only between the people putting out the media and the people consuming it, but the artists themselves,” said Pacha. “It’s nice to hear about people that are right here next to you.”

There is an ongoing campaign to raise money for whatever is next for the programming on WQNA including The Dumb Records Radio Show which airs every Friday from 4:00 to 6:00 pm. Our store is a drop off location for check and cash donations, and you can donate online as well right here.

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