Today on The Dumb Records Radio Show: Len Trumper (Whatever Productions)


It’s Friday! And how nice, it’s a rare Friday where we don’t have anything going on as far as shows go at our spot. What a nice break on this hot hot weekend! There is Abe Fest going on tonight and tomorrow downtown however so be sure to check that out!

Today is another episode of The Dumb Records Radio Show and we are excited about this one. For today’s episode we have special guest Len Trumper of Whatever Productions coming in to talk with us. Len was active setting up concerts for bigger acts in Springfield in the 1970’s and early 1980’s such as ACDC, The Cars, Black Sabbath, KISS, RUSH, and many many more. Check out an article The Illinois Times did on Len a couple of years back right here. We will be playing plenty of music from acts that Len was responsible for bringing in, as well as other current local bands and bands coming to town.

The Dumb Records Radio Show starts at 4:00 pm today and every Friday and goes until 6:00 pm. You can stream live on 88.3 WQNA FM or online at To stream some episodes of the past, head over to our Mix Cloud page or radio page on our site. Yes, we will be recording this episode!

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