Levitt AMP Springfield Tonight: Dirty Dozen Brass Band


We may have a big punk/hardcore show at Bread Stretchers tonight – but did you also know there is a big free concert going on right through the alley tonight as well as part of the Levitt AMP Springfield Concert Series. This is concert number 6 out of 10 free concerts – just 3 more after this! Tonight is a big concert for the series – The Dirty Dozen Brass Band from New Orleans is making a grand appearance! Here’s a description from the Levitt AMP Springfield page:

Celebrating more than 40 years since their 1977 founding, New Orleans-based Dirty Dozen Brass Band is a one-of-a-kind experience that the band describes as a ‘musical gumbo.’ The term ‘gumbo is appropriate because—much like the traditional local dish—Dirty Dozen Brass Band seamlessly brings together musical influences across jazz, big band swing, funk and soul to create an electrifying experience that feels like an instant party. The core of their sound is classic New Orleans jazz and swing, which they developed as young musicians playing in churches and the local club circuit in New Orleans itself.

The free concert out on the lawn tonight (and that’s the lawn directly in front of the Governor’s Mansion in between 4th and 5th streets) starts at 6:00 pm and goes until 8:30 pm. There is an opening act and that is local jazz musician Frank Parker.

If you want to see what other Levitt AMP concerts are coming up on the block or learn more, check out their website right here. Find a facebook event for tonight’s concert right here.

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