Levitt AMP Music Series Tonight: Fareed Haque, Jazz Robots


It’s another Thursday night so that means it’s another Levitt AMP night out on the Y-Block here downtown. This is concert number 5 in a ten part concert series happening every Thursday night this summer, thanks to the Levitt AMP Grant our city won and a few other organizations for making this possible. Tonight the headliner is “Fareed Haque’s Flat Earth Ensemble“. What’s that all about? From the Levitt AMP Springfield website:

Fareed Haque’s Flat Earth Ensemble realizes Haque’s decades-long musical vision, bringing together some of the world’s finest classical guitar and Indian tabla players from opposite sides of the world to create music that reverberates from the tubes of guitar amplifiers to the streets of Mumbai. Haque’s The Flat Earth Ensemble is a culmination of several decades of experimentation with diverse musical genres.

There you have it. The opening act tonight is Jazz Robots from Chicago – another group that have actually played before over at The Radon Lounge. We’ve included some of Jazz Robots’s music streaming on the player below.

All of that starts tonight at 6:30 pm, goes until 8:00 pm on the Y-Block right next to the governor’s mansion downtown, and it’s all free. It might be a hot one tonight. Check out a facebook event for this concert right here. Also check the Levitt AMP Springfield website for a look at the remaining concerts in the Thursday night series!

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