Levitt AMP Music Series Tonight: ISO Brass Band, Timbre


Don’t think that just because The Skatalites concert last week has gone and passed that there isn’t anymore going on downtown this summer – that show was just one of a ten part free concert series thanks to the Levitt AMP Grant our city won for this summer. That series continues tonight with the third concert in the ten-part series. Tonight is more of the “classical” music night, featuring headlining act the Illinois Symphony Orchestra Brass Ensemble! Some of you out there might be more excited about the opening act; who is national famed harpist Timbre from Nashville. Stream Timbre’s music on the player below. This act was brought in some thanks to our friends over at The Radon Lounge, where she has performed before. The main sponsor for tonight is also Foamed Up Coffee, who are also our buds.

Find a facebook event for tonight’s concert right here. It starts at 6:00 pm, goes until 8:30 pm, and it’s free. Happening out on the Y-Block across from the Illinois Governor’s mansion. For a closer look at what’s let of the Levitt AMP Music Series, visit their website right here.

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