Audiofeed Music Festival Volume 7 Happening July 4-6th in Urbana, Illinois


Trying to stay in the loop with all of the music festivals happening here in town and Central Illinois this summer! A festival whose lineup was recently announced and started in Central Illinois the same time that Dumb Fest did (which would have also been on its seventh year), is Audiofeed Music Festival which takes place at the fairgrounds in Urbana, Illinois each year. This year “Volume 07” of the festival is taking place from Thursday July 4th through Saturday July 6th. The poster is above, although there are so many bands listed there that you might have trouble reading them. You can find a close-up and probably more readable version of the poster on the Audiofeed website right here. You can also find ticket info and more FAQ’s on the Audiofeed website. We find it worth mentioning that our friends over at The Radon Lounge are some of the many people involved in setting up this festival every year.

Also find a facebook event for Audiofeed Music Festival right here.

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