May 10th-12th near Virden, IL: “Mansion Musicfest”


What’s all this talk of some big music fest going on next month outside of Springfield over in Virden, Illinois?? There’s something going on out there called “Mansion Musicfest” and it looks like QUITE the spring/summer event. With an entire 44 artists announced so far taking place between FOUR different stages over a span of THREE days, and more artists still “to be announced” this is shaping up to be looking like quite the event!! This is taking place from May 10th through the 12th at a Mansion in Virden. Music going on at the event is described as “EDM / Hip Hop / Rock / Dance / Funk / Future / Glitch”. There are too many performers to list off all here on this post, but you can see everyone announced so far in that flier above. We got a track by one of the top acts, “Blastfome” on the player streaming below. Oh, and there’s camping???

There is a facebook event up for this Mansion Musicfest, which you can find right here. You can also follow their facebook page to stay updated on announcements and going-ons with the festival. Links to tickets for the festival are also available on the facebook event. We’ll be sure to make another post once the full lineup is announced.

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