Dumb Records Participating In “Vintage Love Tour” February 9th


No, we are still not cleared to host events in our new space just yet (and it’s killing us), but however we can still have a store and be involved with a neat and fun group of businesses as part of the “Vintage Love Tour” being set up by Springfield Vintage on Saturday, February 9th! Very lovely! What does the Vintage Love Tour entail? Well, for one this will be a big deal for us because it means we are going to have to have our space and store open from 10am-4pm for the tour. This means we will be open from 10am-8pm that whole day (we really hope the weather is warmer by then). For the Vintage Love Tour we will have a few vendors set up inside our space (the 416 space) selling vintage clothing and other items. We will still have our regular record store up and running too of course.

To go check out the full list of businesses participating and map of the event, go to the Vintage Love Tour facebook page right here. We are excited to now be downtown so we can participate in things like this with other businesses! We are also ready for the weather to get warmer!

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