Best of Springfield 2018 Music Poll


Greetings! It may be just the beginning of December, but we are kicking off our annual best of Springfield music poll a tad early this year so that we have plenty of time to compile results and get together write-ups because this year our results are going to be published in the January issue of Activator Magazine! Our poll has three parts: your favorite albums/releases that came out by local bands, your favorite songs by local bands that came out this year, and your favorite local shows of 2018. This is open to all Springfield local music of any genre! And not just Black Sheep shows of course! We compiled a list of 64 local releases this year (wow, that’s a lot)! You can view them all and find links to listen to most of them on our Springfield release guide right here. At the end of our poll usually we put in a suggestion box for Black Sheep / Dumb Records – we are doing that again this year, but instead it’s a suggestion box on the types of things you would like to see with a new space we are opening up downtown in 2019.


If there are any local albums that we don’t have listed, there is a box at the bottom of the first portion you can still write-in your votes – we would also like to hear about anything we’ve missed! You can email us at and we can always add releases to the poll.

The poll will be open now for the next ten days until December 13th! We know that for the shows portion of the poll, there are a LOT of HUGE shows lined up after that deadline happening as The Black Sheep’s final shows!! Maybe you can enter in shows that haven’t happened yet if you want? IDK!

We will be posting results of the poll at the end of this month or the beginning of next month along with physical copies of the January issue of Activator!

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