Photos: Black Sheep Band Lotto 2018


Today we are bringing you some photos taken from Black Sheep Band Lotto 2018, which was just last night (wow that was quick, wasn’t it)!? There are 27 photos total, check a few out above and below. Last night all seven bands that were drawn took the stage in some form or another (which might be the first time in Band Lotto history that that was the case). Band Lotto Band #3 “EGGMAN” also made Band Lotto history by being the first band to show up to the show with a physical release of recorded material which was a limited run of 25 lathe cut records. The record was “Record of the Night” pictured below.

Go check out all of the photos from last night right here. Check out our shows/vids page for more photos taken over the years at Black Sheep. Gordon Chang was also taking video last night and you can probably expect those videos to turn out soon. Activator Magazine was also there taking more photos, so there are more on the way!




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