Black Sheep, Dumb Fest Finalists in The Illinois Times’s “Best of Springfield 2018”


It’s that time of year again (you know what’s up), once again The Illinois Times are in the middle of gathering votes for their annual “Best Of” series where you get to vote for your favorite local businesses, bands, musicians, and public figures here in Springfield. This year just like every year now for a good number of years, The Black Sheep has made it on a list of finalists for best “small music venue.” Dumb Fest has made it on a list of finalists for “best music festival”. Dumb Records does not fit into any category, sorry. There are also a few band categories this year, although a notable one “best punk band” is not even a category this year, neither is “best all ages band” which have both featured bands frequently playing Black Sheep in the past. We won’t tell you who to vote for for any of these categories, but you can find the link to vote below!


The Illinois Times will be posting their results for their polls in their October 25th issue later on next month. Our own “Best of Springfield Music” poll is ran on this site in December, so look forward to that as a poll that highlights more local bands, shows, and releases for 2018.

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