Today outside of Black Sheep: F///\\\M, Imaginary Colours, Animals With Human Names, Nighthawk


We are taking part in something a little bit different than our usual show today! Bourbon Street Rhythm & Ribs are setting up Southtown Blues Festival where a good portion of 11th and Brown Streets have been blocked off for a weekend full of music, food and games. Black Sheep is lucky to be working with Bourbon Street this year in setting up our own showcase happening today at 1:30 pm.

Who’s playing? Well, we have the return of Chuck Mountain (or F///\\\M) for short, (you might also know him as Big Baby, B-Dawg, Brandad, etc). We also have a newer Springfield project called Imaginary Colours which performed at our last open mic this past weekend. Stream some of Imaginary Colour’s music on the player below. Up before that is the hip hop project of Jim Whitehead called Animals With Human Names. There will plenty of dancing to be done for that. And don’t forget the last special act we have lined up for this – Nighthawk himself! That’s right.

Our showcase starts at 1:30 pm and the festival goes on all the rest of today and tomorrow. Check out more info on the whole festival right here. And find an event for our showcase right here. By the way, the entire festival is FREE for the whole family. Also check out our upcoming shows page for a look at what else we have coming up at Black Sheep for the remainder of the summer.

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