Today at Old State Capitol Steps + Rock N’ Roll Hardee’s: Dumb Fest 6 Day 3


Here we are at the final day of Dumb Fest 6. Today we are mixing things up and not having any shows at our usual spots of Black Sheep or Skank Skates. Instead we have two shows happening – one on the steps of the Old Illinois State Capitol downtown.

The Illinois Old State Capitol starts right at 12:30 pm with the band Bottom Bracket. Bands will be set up on to the North of the building. The show is also free! Other bands playing include Pleather, MOM, Nectar, and Ghoul Jr.

The second show is at the one and only Rock N’ Roll Hardee’s in the whole world, and is the third time we’ve gotten a chance to set up a show at their bandstand outside. Of course legendary Springfield band NIL8 will be closing out the evening there, and that show will start at 4:30 pm and likely go until 8:00 pm. Admission for that is also free. Other than NIL8 the lineup includes Special Interest from New Orleans, Spodee Boy from Nashville, Tennessee, and Pineapple RNR fron St. Louis.

Check out a facebook event for Dumb Fest 6 right here.

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