Dumb Fest 6 Announcement #4


Good afternoon and welcome to the 4th and (probably not really final) wave of bands announced for Dumb Fest 6! Dumb Fest 6 is happening a little over a month away from now on June 8th, 9th, and 10th in six different locations around town. We now have a Dumb Fest 6 page setup that gives a breakdown of all of the shows. Here are your next ten bands announced:

MATRIX (Indiana)
RITALIN O.D. (Chicago, IL)
IT’S ME, ROSS (Columbia, MO)
GHOUL JR. (Champaign, IL)
NICE TRY (Bloomington, IN)
CYBER PINK (Chicago, IL)
HOTLINE TNT (St. Louis/Minneapolis)

There you have it! There might be a handful of more bands announced, but probably not a full announcement of ten bands. Expect next to see a full and final beautiful flier with all of the bands playing and ticket preorders… nice. Go ahead and listen to the band Nice Try on the player below. Find a facebook event for Dumb Fest 6 right here.

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