NPR Illinois / Rachel Otwell Record Store Day at Dumb Records Audio Postcard


NPR Illinois reporter and friend Rachel Otwell was kind enough to do a short write-up and minute long “audio postcard” for Record Store Day now a little over one week ago at Dumb Records. The day ended up being the store’s biggest day in sales ever, and we were also featured on News Channel 20. You can check out Rachel’s audio-postcard where she talks to store volunteer Johari Idusuyi right here. From the NPR Illinois site:

At both Recycled Records and Dumb Records in Springfield, collectors lined up at the door in the early morning hours, in hopes of attaining the special releases they were after. At Dumb Records, I scored a live album from last year’s NPR Tiny Desk Contest winners, Tank and the Bangas. Over at Recycled Records, I found a limited re-release of works by keyboard/synthesizer legend Bernie Worrell, founding member of Parliament-Funkadelic and sometimes member of Talking Heads (just to name a couple of projects he worked on.)

Dumb Records ordered in everything from Taylor Swift to Common to their usual punk/alternative/indie specialties like Courtney Barnett, Ben Kweller and Elvis Costello. (It should be noted, the store truly has a bit of everything even though its punk reputation precedes it.)

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