Dumb Records on News Channel 20 (Record Store Day)


As you know, last weekend was Record Store Day at Dumb Records (and also Recycled Records, the Elf Shelf, and millions of billions of other record stores around the globe). We got an unexpected visit from News Channel 20 in the store that day! The local news station interviewed corporate manager Brian Galecki (after he was finished playing with his giant orange ball head outside) about the importance of this special day. The segment aired all across the city of Springfield on the 10:00 news that magical night. Check that out right here online.

From the News Channel 20 website:

Dumb Records Owner, Brian Galecki, said records aren’t just about music but are a piece of art.

“It is about the music of course, a lot of people that have record players picking up albums,” said Galecki. “But it’s also a huge collectors aspect to it also, it also is a great way of highlight album art.

He says people of all ages came out to enjoy these classic vinyls.

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