Here we are late on this Thursday night with another ten bands to announce for Dumb Fest 6 happening on June 8th, 9th, and 10th at various different locations here in Springfield. We are very very sorry for the delay on bands and locations being announced this year. We hope you’ll forgive us and that there is still time to request off work and plan for the fest. Here are ten more bands playing the fest:

CHERRY DEATH (Oklahoma City, OK)
IRON CAGES (Washington D.C.)
PLEATHER (Hattiesburg, MS)
JOCKO (Omaha, NE)
NATURAL MAN (Kansas City, MO)
LIVID (Minneapolis, MN)
BURDENED (Chicago, IL)

In addition to those bands tonight we are also confirming all of the venues for the festival. Those include usual spots The Black Sheep, Skank Skates International, plus the return of Rock N’ Roll Hardee’s, Glue Surfer’s Tunnel, and a couple of locations new to Dumb Fest including the Illinois Old State Capitol Lawn, and Ms. D’s Kitchen.

For a list of bands announced so far and when each of those bands are playing, check out the Dumb Fest 6 facebook event description for now. We are working on getting a new page set up on our site! Enjoy some music from Cherry Death on the player below:

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