Tonight at Black Sheep: The Radon Lounge Presents: Native Land, Moonglasses, Kneller, Arlin Peebles


Tonight is a very special night at Black Sheep! We are hang over our keys to The Radon Lounge (just for tonight and this weekend, don’t worry). For those of you who are not familiar, The Radon Lounge is a basement venue right here in Springfield putting on shows roughly once a month in their own space featuring many touring and local acts, usually of the indie-rock varieties. They also do a lot to add to the show-going experience by featuring old arcade and pinball games for show goers to play and also feature local artists displaying works at shows. You can expect some of this to spill over into Black Sheep next weekend.

For this show The Radon has four acts lined up that we are very excited about. “Native Land” is headlining the bill is a husband and wife duo from Nashville, Tennessee. You can stream some of their music on that player embedded below. Moonglasses is the other out of town act on this bill, they are indie rock from St. Louis and were formerly known as “Skunkworks”. Then we have a brother and sister folk duo called “Kneller” from right here in Springfield unfamiliar to the Black Sheep stage. Opening things up is THE Arilin Peebles – from right here in town – you may know as the host of the popular local web series The Studio Show (now on a third season).

All of that starts at 7:00 pm on Saturday for just $5. You can check out a facebook event for this one right here. You can probably expect some free refreshments or coffee of some sort and at least one arcade game inside of Black Sheep. Find our list of other upcoming shows right here on our shows page.

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