Help Us List Local Springfield Releases of 2017!



Could you believe it, the year 2017 is actually drawing to a close. It’s been a pretty busy year for Springfield music – and we have the new addition of Southtown Sound to thank for a lot of great music being recorded and released in our area. The Studio began recording in March of this year and has worked with a countless amount of bands in Springfield and also all over the country since then.

Once again on this site we would like to highlight some of your favorite releases that came out in Springfield this year. So first we need YOUR help making sure we are covering all of the music that came out this year! Below is everything as far as bands and musicians putting out releases in the year 2017 in our city that we can think of – along with links to stream the music. As of right now we count a total of 54 releases that came out this year. If you were involved in a local release or know of one not on list, please comment below or email us at and let us know!

Once we’ve gathered more of a final list of 2017 releases, we will have a poll go up in about one week on our site where you can tell us your favorite albums, songs, and shows that happened here in Springfield in the year 2017. Then we will highlight your top ten choices for all three categories at the very end of the month. You can check out last year’s (2016) results for shows here, albums here, and songs here. We have also been building an ultimate Springfield album archive / database of Springfield releases over the past year or so on our site which you can check out right here.

Abyss – Dreadnought
Animals With Human Names – The Basement Tape
Animals With Human Names – The Studio Tape
Attic Salt – Attic Salt
The Blue G’s – Helpless, Hopeless, Moving On
Boon – 1st Street
Bottom Bracket – Dreamland EP
Emasculate Regression – Split with Glass Path
Emasculate Regression – Technology is Simple Philanthropy
Eric Marvel – What A Disappointment EP
Deezy Da Paperboy – Under Ground Krown, Vol. 1

Fireside Relics – Shot Out The Saddle
Food & Money – 1979-1982
Good Times & Company – All American Grinder
GRINN – Burning Out
Gutterpriest / Apostate – Split
Heptanes – Demon Stratus
Kabass – Warrior Within EP

Kate Laine – Recurring Dream

Kristin Walker – Self-Acceptance
Lick Creek – EP
Livin Thing – The Godhead EP
Looming – Seed
Luct Melod – Februation
Luct Melod – Obscurum per Obscurius
Manic Buzzcut – Bathroom Horrors
Mikey Hash – UGLY EP
Nefarious Cloud – Espada 13
Nefarious Cloud – Majin Cloud
Nefarious Cloud – Reserection
Night Night Boy – Demo
Opposite Good – 1
Opposite Good – Night
The Plunge – The Plunge
Prowess – EP
Pryss – Sisyphus
Robot Bachelor – The Third Houseboat Album
Small Man – Demo
Spell Breaker – Spell Breaker
Starter Jackets – Preferred Stock
The Station – Head On Tomorrow
Stick People – Lips
Telephone Junkies – Monday Morning
Timothy Donavan Russell – Bioregion
Timothy Donavan Russell – The Dark Path
Timothy Donavan Russell – Slower Than Your Heartbeat
Timothy Donavan Russell – Structures
Timothy Donavan Russell – Wild Kilobyte Theater
Timothy Donavan Russell – Windows
Tom Irwin – All That Love
Various – Dumb Fe5t Comp
Vincent Sebastian – A New Rhode
War Magic – War Magic (2017)
Weeping Iniquity – Transvection

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