The Illinois Times: Best of Springfield 2017 (Results)


On Thursday The Illinois Times released the results for their annual “Best Of Springfield” poll, highlighting local businesses, food, musicians, and people.

This year Black Sheep was in the running for Best Small Music Venue, which we unfortunately did not win. However Southtown did get a mention in the staff picks this year as “Best Tenacious Upstarts.” From that section:

At the corner of 11th Street and S. Grand stands a veritable Mecca of youthful D.I.Y. culture, including all-ages music venue Black Sheep, Dumb Records, Southtown Sound Recording Studio, Boof City Skate Shop and a skateboard ramp. That ramp, Skank Skates, is now celebrating its 30th year and remains the cornerstone of a group of like-minded businesses which have put Springfield on the map nationally and internationally, with independent musicians from all over traveling to play the Black Sheep’s stage and then marveling at the surrounding environs. Ironically, waxing and waning local support can make daily survival a perpetual struggle but that makes the dogged dedication of the young owners and operators of these businesses even more heroic.

Thank you to the staff of Illinois Times for giving us that mention! Check out the rest of the results on the Illinois Times website, or pick up a copy of this week’s issue at various local businesses around town. We used to get the magazine inside Dumb Records but they stopped delivering it to us for some reason.

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