October 28th Downtown Springfield Halloween Parade: Livin’ Thing & Pineapple RNR Play on Moving Dumb Records Elephant Float


After our first ever show for plants was a huge success last night, we are continuing to embark on turning your typical rock n’ roll show inside out and break all of the standard rules on what a “gig” truly is. Tonight we are announcing the first ever MOVING GIG with bands Livin’ Thing and Pineapple Rock N’ Roll from St. Louis. Bands will be performing on a moving float on Saturday, October 28th as part of the first ever downtown Springfield Halloween Parade. Pineapple RNR feature members of Lumpy & The Dumpers, The Wad, and more. Check out some of their music below. The float will be powered by (or pulled by) Milestshirts, and will also be followed by some representation from Boof City Skate Shop. You can maybe expect some music thrown in there from Nighthawk or Gary & The Omnichords. Flier done by Connor, age 9.

Thank you to The Parent Place for allowing us this opportunity. You can find a facebook event for their downtown Halloween Parade right here. The parade will be going from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm on 5th and 6th streets downtown. There will be candy, and we will be giving out plenty of Dumb Records tattoos. Find our facebook event for this moving show right here. That same night is also Hobgob at Bar None – starting at 9:00 pm.

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