Black Sheep Band Lotto 2017 Band Drawings



Good morning all of you wonderful listeners, and welcome back to our program! This past weekend at Black Sheep along with it being our 12 year anniversary show, was also the drawing for our annual Black Sheep Band Lotto. We feel it appropriate to release the names that have been drawn into each band – we had a whole 39 people put their names into the box this year, which means we will have 9 bands (some with 5 members, some with 4). We apologize greatly in advance for all of the spelling errors here:

Ryan Kane
Liam Coffey
Parsheika / Sonyah
Devon Fluelen

Kate Laine
Clare Frachey
Kristin Walker
Drew Kodrich
Audra McClure

Dominic Fallin
Eric Parker
Chaz Davis
Lance Morgan
Dylan Bennett

Jamie McKenzie
Ted Keylon
Alexandra Beecher
Mel Brayner
Rachel Stivers

Devin Larson
Carter Bibb
Kyle Noonan
Danny Kerwin

BJ Pearce
Cassie Crawford
Tyler Nelson
Gary Swaggerty

Nyr / Dogfood
Milk Tirehaus
Tony Colantino
Noah Faingold

James Dambacher
Brian Galecki
Mike Butler
Mario Cannamela

Johnny Tsakanikas
Eli Newman
Blake Durbin

There you have it – nine new bands that all have two months to get together and form a band to play one show on Saturday, November 18th. Will they all pull it off? Tune in next time to find out!

Find a facebook event for band lotto right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page for a look at what else is coming up at Black Sheep this fall.

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