NPR Illinois: B.J. Pearce On Black Sheep Cafe


Rachel Otwell and WUIS / NPR Illinois is continuing a series on The Black Sheep right now after our statement on the current state of the venue last week and Rachel’s reflection piece that soon followed. Yesterday on they featured a piece written by Black Sheep co-owner B.J. Pearce as his reflection on things and also an in-depth look at bands that B.J. has been involved with and his experience setting up shows at the venue. You can check out that full entry right here. From B.J.’s piece:

Little did I know it was a Metal show. I remember the graffiti, I remember circle (mosh)pits, and I remember that I stood against a wall and was blown away by what I saw. Everything about the show made me yearn for more. I could barely keep up with what band was playing I was so overwhelmed. In the midst of my show viewing, the people I came to Springfield with left. I had to walk down the street to Moto Mart or whatever gas station was there at the time and beg for change to call my parents. My mother came and picked me up at 12:45 A.M. I knew I was grounded but there would be nothing that kept me from going back again.

Stay tuned for more pieces on The Black Sheep coming! Also stay tuned for more info on a roundtable meeting we will be hosting sometime in the early days of September to further discuss the continuation of our venue in this new era.

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