Thank You Gordon Chang


We would like to take one minute on our site tonight to thank someone very special to our music community. That is Gordon Chang, who departed from Illinois today to live in California somewhere for the next nine months or so. For those of you who do not know, Gordon has been a very active person in documenting many different sets from over the past year or so at Black Sheep. He has taken countless videos of full sets of bands that have played all of our festivals, annual events, and just normal week night shows.

Check out Gordon’s youtube channel right here.

For much of Gordon’s dedicated time spent attending and documenting shows here at Black Sheep, he was even living in Macomb and commuting close to two hours away to come to each show before moving here in the fall. He volunteered at Dumb Records and also even set up shows for Springfield bands in Macomb, one being a very memorable one at an indoor skating rink.

Thank you Gordon for everything you have done and the commitment you have shown to supporting and contributing towards everything we have going here in Southtown, you will be missed by all of us and we wish you the best of luck out West!

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