Would you believe it Dumb Fest #5 is really here, we have made it to the biggest weekend of the year for us once again. Get ready for an intense three days full of nonstop bands and music from all over the country. Tonight the fest kicks off inside Black Sheep at 6:00 pm. We did have one band drop tonight’s show (Mirror Mirror from St. Louis), but other that everything is happening as planned:

P.E.A.R.L. (Moreno Valley, CA)
BRUISED (Chicago, IL)
FYC (Indianapolis, IN)
TOOMS (Galesburg, IL)
PROWESS (Springfield)

Then there is an aftershow taking place somewhere out there after the show at Black Sheep gets over with:

86 GEMINI (Chicago, IL)
TIGRESS (Chicago, IL)
GRINN (Springfield)

(For more information on that aftershow you’ll have to show up to the show at Black Sheep). The show tonight at Black Sheep is $10 if you do not have a three day pass. (You do not need a pass to get in the show tonight or any of the other Dumb Fest shows)! Find a full schedule for the weekend over at our Dumb Fest 5 page on our site. Also find a Dumb Fe5t facebook event right here. Stream some music from California’s P.E.A.R.L. below!

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