DUMB FE5T Ticket Pre-Orders


WOW, BIG UPDATE! Right up there ^^^ is the final flier for Dumb Fest 5 happening June 9th, 10th and 11th right here in Springfield done by Brian Galecki. Today ticket pre-orders for 3 day passes are going up online! We don’t anticipate any of these shows selling out and you can still purchase tickets at the door for all of these shows. BUT, if you buy tickets beforehand you get 1 screen printed poster (limited to the first 45 pre-orders), and also a discounted price for all of the shows. 1 3-day pass good for all of the shows except for aftershows which includes:

5pm Friday at Black Sheep ($10)
1pm Saturday at Black Sheep / Skank Skates ($20)
10am Sunday at Cafe Andiamo ($5)
7pm Sunday at Dumb Records ($5)

That’s $40 worth of shows right there for $25. Go by your ticket online at Ticketstorm.com , RIGHT HERE.

Physical 3 day passes will also be available at Dumb Records starting tomorrow when the store opens at noon. The first 45 of those ticket pre-orders will also receive a screen printed poster. Passes and online tickets will be sold up until 11:59 pm the night of Wednesday, June 7th. After that you can still by tickets to individual shows at the door.

Find a facebook event to Dumb Fest 5 right here. Also check out our Dumb Fest 5 page for a complete list of who’s playing and links to all of the music.

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