Legacy of Giving Music Festival Lineup: June 2nd & 3rd Downtown Springfield


Making sure we get a post out for each of the downtown music festivals happening in Springfield this summer- this one is for the newly formed “Legacy of Giving” Music Festival happening downtown in two weeks on Friday and Saturday, June 2nd and 3rd. The festival formed from the ashes of SOHO Music Festival which has happened every year prior to this since 2005, the same year Black Sheep began. SOHO was kind enough to offer Black Sheep our very own stage the past two years in 2015 and 2016. Legacy of Giving Music Festival will not be continuing the Black Sheep stage.

The lineup for L.O.G. fest consists of 70 bands and performers. Admission is just $5.00, and proceeds will be going to 10 different charities. You can find the entire music fest lineup and breakdown of which acts will be playing which stages right here. Notable acts familiar to the Black Sheep stage might include Blind Social, Jessica Knight (of Looming), Zach Goriszewski of Kickstart, Ted Keylon of TANG, Stereo Static, and much more.

Check out our Springfield shows page for a look at other events going on in town outside of Black Sheep. Find the Legacy of Giving Music Festival website right here. Don’t forget that Dumb Fest 5 is also happening in town the following weekend! On their website Legacy of Giving Music Festival claims to be the most diverse lineup of bands in town with bands coming from 7 different states, but do they know that Dumb Fest 5 features bands from 12 different states and 2 different countries? Probably not.

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