Dumb Fe5t Band Announcement #2


We’re just going to jump into another ten bands announced for Dumb Fest #5 this afternoon, shoot why not. You ready for THIS? Here are ten more bands playing DUMB FE5T happening in Springfield June 9th, 10th, and 11th:

Perverts Again (Cleveland, Ohio)
Tigress (Chicago, Illinois)
Prom Nite (Toronto, Ontario)
It’s Me: Ross (Columbia, Missouri)
Black Thumb (Appleton, Wisconsin)
Nagasaki (Springfield, Illinois)
Reduced To Instinct (Bloomington, Illinois)
Dream Probe (Champaign, Illinois)
Substance (Houston, Texas)
GRINN (Springfield, Illinois)

There you have it. This brings us to a total of 20 bands announced for the big fest, with 30 more bands to be announced. We will be updating the Dumb Fest 5 facebook event and page on our site later on tonight with a breakdown of which of those bands will be playing which days and some more details on location.

Stream some music by hit Cleveland, Ohio band Perverts Again on the player below.

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