Dumb Fe5t Band Announcement #1


Oh what do you know, this is something that is LONG overdue but in the wee hours of the morning last night the first ten bands were announced for Dumb Fest #5 (Dumb Fe5t) happening June 9th, 10th, and 11th right here in Springfield. Let’s jump right into it!

ACRYLICS (Santa Rosa, California)
WARM BODIES (Kansas City, Missouri)
PRYSS (Springfield, Illinois)
RAYS (Oakland, California)
PLASTIC (Chicago, Illinois)
DUMSPELL (Hattiesburg, Mississippi)
SUDDEN ATTACK (San Antonio, Texas)
THE STRANGER (St. Louis, Missouri)
BRUISED (Chicago, Illinois)
ATTIC SALT (Springfield, Illinois)

There you have it. Stream some music by the Hattiesburg punk band “Dumspell” on the player below. Dumspell for Dumb Fest, what a nice fit!

You can expect 4 more announcements throughout the next month or so for a total of 50 bands playing throughout the three days of the fest. More details on which bands are playing what days and locations will come with the second announcement at some point next week. Ticket info will also come with later announcements.

Check out a facebook event for Dumb Fest #5 right here. Also check out our Dumb Fest 5 page on our site right here.

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