Mates Fest 8 Happening in Peoria March 30th – April 2nd


With the weather getting warmer out and festival season just around the corner (first Dumb Fest band announcement is coming tomorrow), it’s time for us to tell you about some music festivals happening in other nearby Central Illinois towns. This one is coming up quick- Mates Fest is happening in Peoria the weekend after next on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday- March 31st, 30th, April 1st, and 2nd. It will be the 8th year the annual festival has taken place. Let’s take a look at the massive lineup of bands playing over the four day festival:

Alex and the XO’s – Bloomington, IL
Animal Harm – Peoria, IL
Attic Salt – Springfield, IL
blue unit – Milwaukee, WI
The Bollweevils – Chicago, IL
Bookmobile – Champaign, IL
Charmist – Peoria, IL
City Mouth (acoustic) – Chicago, IL
Constant Velocity – Bloomington, IL
Danny Severance – Orlando, FL
DEN – Chicago, IL
Denim Dragon – Peoria, IL
Dirty Rotten Revenge- Bloomington, IL
Dripping Slits – Bloomington, IL
The Dry Look – Champaign, IL
Endless Compromise – Peoria, IL
Eric Stanley (Euriah) – Champaign, IL
The Golden Fleece – Peoria, IL
Grill Billyenz – Bloomington, IL
Grün Wasser – Chicago, IL
Horseburner- Parkersburg, WV
Hospital Job – Springfield, IL
Houston Mckenzie – Peoria, IL
Infirmary – Peoria, IL
Jared Grabb – Peoria, IL
Jeremy David Baker – Peoria, IL
La Historia – Rockford, IL
Liverpool & the Contractions – Peoria, IL
Lume – Chicago, IL
Matt Charles – Philadelphia, PA
Mental Fitness – Peoria, IL
Milked – Rockford/Chicago, IL
Mother Nature – Champaign, IL
Must Build Jacuzzi – Peoria, IL
Nnamdi Ogbonnaya & ThrashKitten of Sooper SWAG Project – Chicago, IL
Old Home – Champaign, IL
Pet Symmetry- Chicago, IL
Phantom Noise – Peoria, IL
Prints (formerly Mendoza) – Peoria, IL
Raging Nathans – Dayton, OH
Reduced to Instinct -Bloomington/Chicago, IL
Relearn – Peoria, IL
Sage, the 64th Wonder – Chicago, IL
The Subservients – Pontiac, IL
Super 88 – Peoria, IL
Thetah – Peoria, IL
Tina Sparkle – Peoria, IL
Typecaster – Peoria, IL
Vagabond Maurice – Chicago, IL
We The Animals – Champaign, IL
Winder – Bloomington/Champaign, IL
Yeesh – Chicago, IL
ZXO – Champaign, IL

Wow, that was a whole 56 bands we counted (but we didn’t count too carefully). That lineup includes Springfield bands Attic Salt and Hospital Job. Check out some music from Nnamdi Ogbonnaya- one of the headlining acts- streaming on the player below. Check out the Mates Fest 8 facebook event page for links to music for all of those bands, and also more info on purchasing tickets. The festival is taking place at The Rail II and is all ages. It is also a benefit for The JOLT Foundation.


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