Dumb Records Open Mic on February 26th


It’s been a minute since we’ve had an open mic at Black Sheep or Dumb Records – the last one at Dumb Records was all the way back in October now and it was a great success. We’ll be having an open mic inside the record store again before this month is over on Sunday, February 26th. Our open mics go from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm with 15 minute time slots throughout to be claimed by anyone who wants them to do whatever they chose to do! To claim a slot, head over to the facebook event and let us know which slot you chose to claim, or email us at blacksheepspringfield.com. Here is the schedule so far:

9:45-10:00 – Nighthawk’s DEBUT feature film
9:30-9:45 – (open)
9:15-9:30 – (open)
9:00-9:15 – (open)
8:45-9:00 – (open)
8:30-8:45 – (open)
8:15-8:30 – Jeff Prince
8:00-8:15 – Ian Winterbauer
7:45-8:00 – (open)
7:30-7:45 – Eric Marvel
7:15-7:30 – (open)
7:00-7:15 – (open)

As you can see, this open mic will (hopefully) be ending with the debut premier of a new 15 minute film put together by Nighthawk himself. Again, you can find a facebook event for this one right here. Also everything for sale in the store will be 20% off during the open mic. Check out our shows page for a look at everything else coming up in Southtown these next few months.


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