Illinois Times: “The Business of Spreading Music Success” (HISO)


We are excited to see our friends over at HISO Music Entertainment on the cover of The Illinois Times this week – making two weeks in a row of groups on the front of the Times that Black Sheep has worked with in the past. Check out last week’s cover story on local poets right here. This week’s cover story is on HISO Music – a booking, consulting, and entertainment group of musicians and creative minds founded by Ayo Dele. HISO recently acquired their own space and has been hard at work with a recording studio, dance studio and more at their new location on Yale Blvd. From the article:

In a long brick building within a rented suite on Yale Boulevard in Springfield’s Harvard Park neighborhood, a quiet, yet profound revolution is underway. Here is the headquarters of HISO (pronounced high-so) Music Entertainment, a consulting company conceived by Springfield resident Ayo Abitogun to provide music business services to groups and individuals. The 26-year-old musician, rapper and singer-songwriter, also known professionally as Ayo Dele, is the inspirational leader of HISO, as well as the founder and CEO.

The organization formed two and half years ago when Ayo began building his own music career. While searching for professional members to add to his entertainment team, he discovered others searching for music business success based on his beliefs in positive thinking and avoiding the negative images and stereotypes found in certain forms of pop music today. As he shared his idea of engaging fellow music artists in constructive careers, the group around him expanded to include a trustworthy and enthusiastic team of dedicated friends and co-workers.

Check out the full article online right here, or pick up a copy of the Illinois Times inside Dumb Records for free.

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