SAME FEST Happening at Lincoln Library January 28th


We’ve never posted about any events happening at The Lincoln Library downtown on our site before. With new renovations taking effect this year and a new communications coordinator – Elizabeth Buctha working hard to reach out to Springfield communities, new things are in store for our downtown library in Springfield. Be sure to check out our episode of The Black Sheep Radio Show with Elizabeth as our guest to hear more on big plans for the Library.

The Library recently announced plans for “SAME FEST” happening one week from today on Saturday, January 28th from 1:00 to 3:00 pm. They are fitting a lot of activities, conversations, workshops, and more into that two hour block. SAME FEST stands for “Springfield Area’s Many Ethnicities” as the festival will focus on different ethnicities and cultures that call Springfield home. You can check out a more proper breakdown of everything going on on that flier above, or on the facebook event for the fest right here. Also check out our Springfield Shows page for more events like this one happening in Springfield outside of Black Sheep (we are updating the page this weekend!!!).

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