The Studio Show: Season 2 Finale

Screen Shot 2016-12-22 at 8.10.50 PM.png

As sad as we are to see the second season of The Studio Show come to an end so quickly- we have to also say that those of us at Black Sheep headquarters are BLOWN AWAY by this finale of another successful season of the Springfield-based web series. The Studio Show kicked off their first season at the beginning of this year and have since completed another season, featuring regular hosts Arlin and Keil interviewing and exploring local Springfield artists, musicians, and community events.

In the final episode, which totals a little over 37 minutes long, you can find a breathtaking segment of drone footage from all over Springfield (pictured above). Also interviews with representatives of Downtown Springfield Inc., and an interesting musical guest Jeff Williams of NIL8. Also catch some guest appearances by Jeremie Bailey of Lincoln’s Legends and also Brian Galecki again as a “Go-lacky.” Check out the new episode below, and also head over to The Studio Show’s Youtube Channel for all videos and past episodes.

Also notable is that The Illinois Times featured an article covering the show today which you can find right here. Also Rachel and Scott from The Scene covered The Studio Show on WUIS which you can listen to right here. Along with this season finale, it looks like The Studio Show team have announced they are putting the show on hold for some time and will likely be focusing efforts on different things in the future.

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