Vote in Our Best of Springfield Music 2016 Poll


After much careful research on what was released in local Springfield music this year, we finally have our year end survey together for 2016! We came up with a grand total of 34 Springfield releases this year, which is much more than we had last year in 2015! Great job all of you creative artists and musicians out there! Our survey includes your favorite local releases of the year, also a question to list off your favorite songs, and also your favorite shows that happened in town. We’ve also included a suggestion box if you have any input on the types of things you want to see in 2017 around Southtown or on our website.

Check out that survey RIGHT HERE. We’ll be taking responses from now up until EDIT: 3:33 pm on the dot on Monday, December 26th.

Again, here is the list of local releases from this past year with links for you to listen to all of them if you want to study up on this year in local music! And if we are still forgetting something, you can still comment below or email us at and we will add it to the survey as soon as possible.

Alec James – Carried By Cold Water
Alec James – Cold River, Wide River & Winds of the West
Animals With Human Names – The First Tape

Austin Connelly – I’m Sorry
Caterpillar Club – Theosis
Epsom – Serf’s Up, Hose Down
Eric Marvel – Spaces EP
Diaper Rash / Gnargoyle – Shitty Splitty
Dog of Panic – …Of All Ambition
Fill In The Blank – I Heart Mom
Fuck///\\\\Mountain – The I Love You Project
Good Times & Company – Different Things
GUSH – Unreleased Stuff
Hospital Job / Capitalist Kids – Split 7″
Livin’ Thing – It’s A Livin’ Thing
The Nine Elevens – Never Forget Us
Moondead – Moondead
Our Lady – Lure
Our Lady – Unreleased / Unrefined
Pretend I’m Not There – Transient

Pryss – I Fear No Man
Rustocrat – Chromatose
Sammy & The Punk – Abducted Alien
Say Something – Black Coffee Black Hearts
Set Fire To Salem – 2016 Demo
Shark Week – Demonstrations
Slacker Tapehead – Schappy

Starlorde – Starlorde
Stereo Static – The Neat EP
The Suction Cups – The Lost Tapes
The Suction Cups – Do They Walk Among Us?
Sweet Bippy – Cosmic Filth (When I Fell)

Synzu – Synzu
Xtortion Tha Don – Smoke In The City

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