Today on Black Sheep Radio: The Dandelion Pickers, Emma Wilson


It’s Friday so today from 4:00 to 6:00 pm as always we have another exciting episode of The Black Sheep Radio Show! This week there are once again multiple guests fit into our two hour time slot to make for a great episode. There are no shows at Black Sheep tonight, but there IS the “Christmas Explosion” going on at The Radon Lounge. To represent that we have The Dandelion Pickers (pictured above) coming in to the studio to talk about what to expect at The Radon tonight, and we might even have them attempt to play a song or two live for us in the studio. Our second guest is local poet Emma Wilson. Emma is one of the creative minds behind season 2 of The Studio Show which is also gearing up for a season finale within this next week. We will get to talk to Emma about that and some other things.

Check out our show from 4:00 to 6:00 pm on WQNA 88.3 FM. Stream it live online the same time at Also head over to our radio page for a look at some downloadable episodes of the past.

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