Help Us List Springfield Releases of 2016!


The end of the year 2016 is finally coming, which means you can expect an announcement for New Years plans from us soon, and we are also starting to get together our 2016 local music year-end poll. It certainly has been a great year in Springfield music, and we are very excited to what the future may bring with the introduction of Southtown Sound early next year. This will be the fifth year conducting the poll on our site! Check out results for 2015’s releases here, songs here, and shows here. This year the poll is going to be structured the same – we will be highlighting ten of your favorite local releases, songs, and shows that happened in the year 2016. But first we need some help to make sure we aren’t forgetting any releases that came out this year! Below is a list we have come up with of everything local to Springfield that was released this year. If you know of anything not on this list, comment below or email us at! The actual voting for the poll will begin very soon and our best of’s will be featured on our site the last few days of the year.

Animals With Human Names – The First Tape
Austin Connelly – I’m Sorry
Caterpillar Club – Theosis
Epsom – Serf’s Up, Hose Down
Eric Marvel – Spaces EP
Diaper Rash / Gnargoyle – Shitty Splitty
Dog of Panic – …Of All Ambition
Fill In The Blank – I Heart Mom
Fuck///\\\\Mountain – The I Love You Project
Good Times & Company – Different Things
GUSH – Unreleased Stuff
Hospital Job / Capitalist Kids – Split 7″
Livin’ Thing – It’s A Livin’ Thing
The Nine Elevens – Never Forget Us
Moondead – Moondead
Our Lady – Lure
Our Lady – Unreleased / Unrefined
Pretend I’m Not There – Transient

Pryss – I Fear No Man
Rustocrat – Chromatose
Sammy & The Punk – Abducted Alien
Say Something – Black Coffee Black Hearts
Set Fire To Salem – 2016 Demo
Shark Week – Demonstrations
Starlorde – Starlorde
Stereo Static – The Neat EP
The Suction Cups – The Lost Tapes
The Suction Cups – Do They Walk Among Us?
Synzu – Synzu
Xtortion Tha Don – Smoke In The City

Another little project we have been working on over the years and refining recently is listing off every Springfield release EVER in it’s history. We have a page on our forum going for this right here, where we have close to 215 releases listed off currently. We could also use some help listing off releases from any year!

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