Tonight at Dumb Records: Doc Otis, Ragna Rye, Rabble Rouser Thing Band, Andy Krisak


It’s a rare show inside of our record store Dumb Records tonight as part of our busy weekend full os shows! Tonight we have a stellar folk / Americana show lined up for you ears. We have Doc Otis coming to play in the store tonight from St. Louis. You can check out their music streaming on the player below. We also have the two piece folk rock band from Springfield Ragna Rye performing- they were just recently featured on the last episode of The Studio Show. Then also from St. Louis rolling in we have the Rabble Rouser Thing Band. Opening things up we have solo acoustic performer Andy Krisak from the area.

For this show we are asking of donations of $5 to go to the touring acts. We also have a sale going on- 20% off everything in the store during the show! Check out a facebook event for all of that right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page for a good look at everything coming up at Black Sheep and Dumb Records in the near future.

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