December 4th at Black Sheep: Resilience – A Night of Poetry, Spoken Sentiment, and Music


It’s here! With last week’s election and the times we are living in being crazy times, we made this statement as The Black Sheep last week regarding where we stand as an all ages space in town. And as we promised, we are now hosting an event on Sunday, December 4th also a response to this year’s election called “RESILIENCE.” What does resilience mean? By definition it is “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.” We might not all agree on political issues- but most of us can get behind banding together when other different communities, minorities, or those who don’t fit in anywhere may be experiencing difficulty to help each other out- or to give voice to those people in need that don’t often get the opportunity to be heard. So on December 4th we are coming together for a night of music, poetry, hip hop, spoken word, and more. Here is what we have planned for the night:

9:30 and later: PRYSS and SHARK WEEK
8:30 – 9:30: block of hip hop and spoken word presented by 217Hiphop.comand Torch Tuesday at Bar None
+ performance by Mikey Hash
8:10: guest speaker Sam Johnson of KEEP It 200
8:00: spoken word by AJ Francis
7:00 – 8:00: an hour of poetry by Johari Id and more
6:30: guest speaker Stephen Houldsworth
6:00: opening + maybe songs by Jason Perry

As you can see, this show will start at 6:00 pm and likely go until around 10:30 pm. Check out a facebook event for this right here. Also of course check out our shows page for more happening at Black Sheep in the near future. This event will be FREE but we will be taking donations to various groups, charities, and organizations that may be needing help the most during these times. Suggestions on groups to have donation jars for welcome!

Time is very limited on this event right now, but if there is any way you feel you can get involved (showing art, making food, setting a table up, etc) send us an email to

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