The Studio Show: Season 2 Episode 1

Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 8.04.30 AM.png

We are happy to see that the Springfield TV show / web series The Studio Show is back at it again, coming in strong this week with the debut of their second season. For those of you unfamiliar with The Studio Show, here is their description from their facebook page:

The Studio Show exists to capture what is interesting and unique about the culture of Springfield, IL. The bi-weekly video format serves as a platform to connect local artists, musicians, writers, entertainers, and businesses to each other and the community. Since the fall of 2015, 12 episodes have been recorded and released to YouTube with overwhelming praise from the Springfield community and press. The creators are Dave Heinzel (director/camera/editor), Arlin Peebles (co-host/writer), Keil Isham (co-host/writer), Joe Day (camera/engineer), Clay Stalter (camera/photographer), Adam Nicholson (writer/scout), Adam Strong (landlord/consultant), and Ty Poppenhouse (writer/boom).

The show is coming back for a second season after a successful kickstarter campaign this summer to upgrade their equipment and keep up with running costs. The new episode sticks to their previous 25 minute format, with some extra special tidbits including the debut of a new Epsom music video, “community segments” and maybe even some short clips shot at Black Sheep Fest this past summer. Check out the new episode below:

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