Tonight at Dumb Records: Forever Grey, Weeping Iniquity, Gazeebo, Rella


There will be all sorts of twists and turns happening around Southtown tonight. Most important is this late night show starting right at 9:00 pm featuring some of that good goth, industrial, and noise music that you’ve been craving. We have the group Forever Grey coming from Michigan to perform inside Dumb Records tonight. Check out some of their tunes streaming below. Joining them is the local industrial project “Weeping Iniquity.” We also get to see a rare Gazeebo set, put on by Drew Kodrich (Pryss, GUSH, etc). Then opening things up we have another rare set by Rella, aka Clare Frachey (SAP, Shark Week) who we have been told is doing some sort of Doors tribute set tonight. In addition to this show, things are going to be crazy because we will be moving an elephant around next to Dumb Records if everything goes as planned. Join us outside the store at 5:15 pm today if you want to help or just watch.

The show kicks off inside Dumb Records tonight at 9:00 pm. We are asking for donations of $3-5, whatever you want. Check out a facebook event for the show right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page for a good look at everything else coming up around Southtown this fall.

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