Black Sheep Battle of the Bands 2016 Recap


Whoops, our little recap of the Black Sheep Battle of the Bands that happened one week ago from yesterday is a little bit overdue! We are sure some of you have been waiting to hear about the results from the battle. Well, this year we definitely had the most bands participating in the battle- seven whole bands, and all of them showed up and played! We have nothing bad to say about any of the performances- all of them were great! And our judges loved them all too! Let’s take a look at our winners:

First place in the crowd voting contest went to Stems! Looks like they will be playing Black Sheep Fest 2016 on August 6th as a result.

First place in the judges voting went to Skunkworks! Looks like they will receive a free recorded demo by Mario Cannamela.

A third place prize was awarded to Kail, who will be getting a guest spot on Lincoln’s Legends Podcast.

Thanks again to everyone who came out and participated in the battle this year! See you all at Black Sheep Fest 2016 if not before then!

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